Healthy Lifestyle

Group of People Playing Volleyball on the BeachEXERCISE AND LIFESTYLE INFORMATION

Muscles strengthen with exercise. Balance improves. But another important benefit is improved blood flow to organs including the brain. Studies even show fit animals not only experienced improved memory; they generated new neurons in areas of the brain involved with learning.

We all have excuses for not finding time to exercise. However, if you evaluate your interests and abilities, there is probably some exercise you can do to remain active, even if you have physical problems that interfere. Consider these:

● Water exercises for individuals with joint and balance problems can increase muscle strength and also be relaxing.

● If you have joint or back problems, consider a non-weight bearing exercise such as riding a stationary bicycle.

● Talk with your physician for more suggestions.

● Maybe a consultation with a physical therapist or fitness trainer could set you on a course to improve muscle conditioning, balance, and overall health.

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