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Heart Health Updates.

The practice of medicine is fluid. With constant change as new discoveries are made and new studies are published, treatment evolves with the new information.

Your Heart: Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease in Women, Men and Children is based on health data current at the time of publication.

Heart health correlates with personal choices including lifestyle, eating right and exercise. This blog section will provide updates on heart health and Cardio-Actions to maintain health.


♥ B-Begin each morning with resolve to live healthy

♥ E-Eat a Mediterranean or Plant-based diet

♥ AActivity – Exercise at least 30 minutes each day

♥ T-Teach others what you are doing-Pass it on

Cardiovascular Disease

Coronary arteries carry blood, nutrients and oxygen to the heart muscle. When waxy cholesterol fat accumulates within the inner artery wall, it stiffens the artery wall and begins blocking the flow of blood. The artery disease is called atherosclerosis. The word describes what is happening: athero means fat; sclerosis means hardening. Many people call atherosclerosis “hardening of the arteries.”

Because this destructive process occurs not only in the heart arteries, but in arteries throughout the body, it is called cardiovascular disease. When blood flow is decreased to other organs, such as the kidneys and brain, kidney failure and dementia occur.

Many other forms of heart disease are the result of infection, toxins, hereditary factors and congenital abnormalities over which you have little control. But with the right information, you can take control and treat atherosclerosis. The earlier you make changes to improve your health, the more likely you are to add years to your life. Food choices play a huge role. Both men and women are developing coronary artery disease at younger ages. Early evidence of coronary artery disease is even seen in children.

Beginning at a young age, what you eat makes a difference. Arteries are more likely to become narrowed throughout the entire body if predominant food choices are:

High in salt, fat and calories—such as potato chips and French fries.

High in sugar—such as sweet-rolls, pancakes and candy.

High in saturated fats—such as bacon cheeseburgers. Many factors contribute to coronary artery disease; smoking and uncontrolled high blood pressure are two of the most harmful. In the US each year, these two factors are responsible for one-in-five heart related deaths. Next are obesity and inactivity, accounting for approximately one-in-ten heart deaths per year.

Beginning a course of choosing healthful foods is the first step toward heart health.

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